Dental Fear

What does dental anxiety cause

  1. Sweating
  2. Heart palpitation
  3. Possible fanting
  4. Signs of distress / panic / crying
  5. Numbness around the mouth

Cause of dental fear [2][3]

  1. Childhood trauma
  2. Previous trauma injury of head
  3. Bad experience of dental visit
  4. View mouth is personal space and accessing of mouth is invasion of personal space
  5. Trust issues
  6. Generalised anxiety (such as agoraphobia), post traumatic stress and depression

Coping with Dental Anxiety and Medical Prescription

  1. Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing
  2. Mindfulness exercise such as focusing on your inhaling or counting mentally or acceptance
  3. Emotional Deregulation — positive thinking, attention shifting strategies
  4. Distraction — listening to soothing music, use of screen
  5. Thoughts challenge — Challenge the harmful cognitive thinking
  6. Anxiety relief medication such as anxiolytic (temazepam) which is prescribed by doctor
  7. General anaesthesia administers by anaesthetist
  8. Relative analgesia (happy gas) for relaxation administers by dentist






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