Generic High Level Mobile Testing

  • Features exit criteria
  • Features performance for designated tasks
  • Compatibility in different devices and OS
  • Features work with different screen size and resolutions
  • Features work with different location / GPS / Wi-Fi / bluetooth
  • Features is conform to general business requirements
  • Different user input (example text field — mandatory or optional)
  • Audio and voice is working in App (if required)
  • App link to social network (Facebook / Linkedin / Google)
  • App connect to payment gateway and do a successful transaction
  • User data and settings are saved when exit
  • Check how different OS settings impact App
  • App does not log out during user session
  • App launch successfully from Home or group icon
  • Keys are hidden or shown in App when necessary
  • Functionality of exit options at any point in App
  • Easy navigations across different screens
  • Responsive menu and elements
  • Page scrolling enable when necessary
  • Keyboard minimize when not inputing text
  • Contextual menu do not overload
  • Text are in short sentences. Paragraph spaces must be comfortable for user to read in tablet and mobile
  • Buttons and other elements must be correct size and color in App. They have to match the general audience fingers and branding color
  • Elements are clear and readable
  • Responsive of drop down list and buttons
  • App able to go to background
  • Disable inactive buttons (or other elements)
  • Inactive elements look different from active elements
  • Support dynamic fonts
  • Support localization strings
  • Support different orientation mode
  • Sending / Receiving Messages and Call while App is in foreground
  • Reject or Accept call while viewing App
  • Able to resume App after call end
  • Push notifications (Send / Receive) while viewing App
  • Time taken to launch App. Splash screen time should be short (less than 3 seconds)
  • App performance during peak load conditions
  • App performance in low battery mode and charging conditions
  • App performance while other popular app (like Message or Call) is running in background
  • Does App drain battery fast
  • Prompt display of errors and warning messages
  • Crash analytics should be sent
  • Update on latest App patches (Warning if App is outdated)
  • No network / GPS / Wifi and App should work on local data (or return a prompt)
  • Install App from official stores (Play Store or Apple Store)
  • Uninstall App . Check user data is deleted
  • Unregister / Register user account



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